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If you've sustained an injury while playing sports, you may want to see a sports injury doctor. These doctors provide non-surgical healing methods and can help you get back to playing. While surgery may be an option, it can also delay recovery and even end an athlete's career. That's why non-surgical treatment is appealing to athletes and many other people.

Lawrenceville Sports Injury Doctor can treat many types of sports injuries and relieve pain and discomfort. Depending on the type of injury, sports injury doctors may also prescribe physical rehabilitation services. These programs help patients improve strength and flexibility, and can be an way to reduce pain and swelling. Visiting a sports injury doctor can help you avoid a sports injury in the first place.

Many high school students participate in volleyball. But repetitive overhead motions and volleyball spiking can cause injuries. As a result, a sports injury doctor can recommend an appropriate therapy program for volleyball players. This is especially helpful for young athletes who are just starting out. Even seasoned athletes can experience sports injuries. A sports injury doctor can treat a variety of injuries, such as a frozen shoulder.

There are several types of sports injuries, including concussions. A concussion is a traumatic brain injury. It can occur from collisions, impacts, or violent shaking. Symptoms range from a temporary loss of consciousness to dizziness and headache. In severe cases, concussion can cause permanent damage to your brain. A sports injury doctor will be able to diagnose a concussion and treat it accordingly.

Sports injuries are typically one of two main categories: acute and chronic. Acute sports injuries occur when signs of an injury become apparent, such as when you collide with another player. Acute injuries are usually treatable, as long as you follow the necessary precautions and wear appropriate clothing. Chronic sports injuries occur after an acute injury fails to heal properly.

QC Kinetix (Lawrenceville)

QC Kinetix (Lawrenceville) provides in the use of regenerative medicine to treat a range of musculoskeletal and arthritis pain conditions. The clinics offer concierge-level service and affordable rates. The treatment can be in reducing pain and enabling patients to return to an active lifestyle.

The clinics at QC Kinetix have a proven operating model that can be duplicated easily. Franchisees receive hands-on training and access to regenerative medicine research. They also benefit from access to technology tools and systems. In addition, the QC Kinetix franchisees benefit from concierge-level service.

QC Kinetix's regenerative medicine services make it possible for patients to stop using medications to treat their pain. The company's clinically proven treatment plans also help reduce the risk of severe and potentially life-threatening side effects, while improving patient's overall health. A QC Kinetix clinic is located near you, so you don't have to travel for treatment.

Franchisees of QC Kinetix can run up to two locations in the network. In a franchised clinic, the franchisee will act as the CEO and oversee the clinic's staff, marketing, and patient care. Franchisees benefit from ongoing support from QC Kinetix corporate staff. The business requires no licensing or certification, and franchisees receive pre-approved technology tools to run their business.

Lawrenceville Back Pain Treatment

Back pain is often caused by muscle tension and overstretching. Other causes include heavy lifting, improper posture, and standing or driving for long periods of time. Some patients may benefit from cortisone injections, which are designed to reduce inflammation around the nerve roots. These injections are for about a month or two.

Lawrenceville Back Pain Treatment options vary greatly. Typically, your healthcare provider will start by diagnosing your problem, which may involve a physical examination, medical history, or imaging tests. Back pain often takes time to resolve and may require medications. Rest and avoiding activities that stress the lower back may help you recover quickly.

If your back pain is severe, you may need to stay in bed for a day or two. Try lying on your side or back and use an ice pack to decrease the inflammation. You may also want to apply a heating pad to the area to help soothe the muscles and connective tissue. Nevertheless, bed rest is not recommended for long periods. While bed rest may seem comforting at first, it may actually make you feel worse over time. 

Exercise is another important part of back pain treatment. The right exercise program will help you improve your flexibility, range of motion, and mobility. A good diet can also help reduce pain and improve overall health. Even if you can't exercise, it's best to find activities that you can do in your home.

Treatment for back pain may involve pain medication and nonsurgical methods. Most of these methods will help you reduce pain and return to a normal life. Noninvasive treatment methods can include heat and over-the-counter pain relievers. Bed rest is rarely recommended, although it may help to reduce the pain. Nevertheless, it is important to continue doing activities that do not worsen the pain.

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